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The Washington Post (The photo that encapsulates Turkey’s protests and the severe police crackdown)
Mail Online News (Horrifying image of 'woman in red' being doused with pepper spray becomes symbol of Turkish protests)
Hurriyet Daily News(Raid on ‘Occupy Taksim Park’ demonstrators triggers outcry)
Turkish Weekly (‘Occupy Taksim’ grows in spite of crackdown)
__France 24__ (Scores injured as police clash with protesters in Istanbul)
The Newyork Time (Peaceful Protest Over Istanbul Park Turns Violent as Police Crack Down)
The Guardian (‘Turkey divided more than ever by Erdoğan’s Gezi Park crackdown.’)
The Telegraph(Tear gas fired at protesters in Istanbul)
Aljazerra (Turkey arrests anti-government protesters)
AlJazeera (‘Turkey Protests Continue Despite Apology.’)
BBC (‘Turkey Protests: Erdoğan Meets Gezi Park Activists.)
The Economist(Resentment against Erdogan explodes)
CBC News(CBC correspondents released from detention in Turkey)
CNN (Turkish PM calls for a 'civil war' )
Reuters(Turkish court blocks disputed park project)
University World News(Anti-Erdogan student protesters face possible jail term)